We have unique multi-year expertise on interpreting geochemical data, in particular gas isotope data for oil and gas exploration and production applications. One of our key strenghts is executing and coordinating large interdisciplinary projects and conducting Multi Client Studies for Quantitative Petroleum System Assessment. This experience, combined with our gas data bases and our in-house interpretive tools enables us to provide expert consulting and advisory services to our clients. We also utilize our Network of Experts for the execution of gas and oil exploration and production-related projects.

Data Sets, Reports, Multi Client Study Proposals

We offer a number of different reports and data sets for sale. We have designed and are actively offering new Multi-Client Study proposals for new areas and client needs.


We provide a variety of training services, ranging from introductory workshops on isotope applications in exploration and production to detailed lectures and training sessions on application-specific topics. We have ready-made materials or can customize training materials to your needs.

GasConsult International was founded in 2001 by Dr. Martin Schoell, an internationally known geologist and geochemist upon his departure from Chevron and after a 30 year career in government research and the oil industry. Much of his time has been dedicated to discovering and further understanding how stable isotopes in natural gases are the key to recognizing the origin of gases and their relationships to geological conditions of their formation. With this expertise, GasConsult continues to innovate in interpretation of gas composition and isotope data.

Some of the techniques and concepts developed by us are now industry standard.

We have long-standing history of working with partners to further develop new techniques for the use of gas isotopes for quantitative production allocation and predictions of specific gas sources and their gas and fluid potential.

GasConsult International Inc. and partners have developed the GLobal Onshore Gas-Oil Seep dataset “GLOGOS”, a world wide database on hydrocarbon seeps. The database contains more than 2000 locations from all continents.

The content of the database can be viewed in a demo file we can provide upon request. GLOGOS should be valuable for companies that are engaged in international exploration and lease acquisition. For example, GLOGOS contains hundreds of records in regions that are presently of great interest in shale gas exploration: knowing the presence of seeps in areas of future shale-gas production is fundamental to know the background seepage conditions and to demonstrate, after shale-gas development is started, that these seeps were pre-existing and not related to the gas production. Please contact us for more information.